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Leo 100 gm Tablet/Pouch + Leo Bhimseni 250 gm Jar

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₹ 746

Additionally, LEO Bhimseni Camphor is renowned for its use in aromatherapy, where its soothing scent helps alleviate stress and anxiety. In summary, LEO Bhimseni Camphor stands out for its purity, antimicrobial qualities, and its ability to create a calming ambiance, making it a versatile and cherished product.

  1. 1. Pure and Natural: LEO Bhimseni Camphor is derived from the Cinnamomum camphora tree, ensuring a high level of purity.
  2. 2. Antimicrobial Properties: This camphor variety possesses antimicrobial qualities, making it ideal for purifying the air during religious rituals.
  3. 3. Aromatherapy Benefits: Widely used in aromatherapy, the soothing scent of LEO Bhimseni Camphor helps reduce stress and anxiety, contributing to a tranquil environment.