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We “LABHLAXMI CORPORATION began its operations in the year 2018 the leading manufacturer in Camphor tablet industry in Dombivli , Thane , Mahasastra India. Manufacturing company engaged as the foremost Manufacturer and Supplier best pure quality of camphor [KAPOOR] products , Worship Camphor Tablet , Symtjetic Camphor [Kapoor] and BHIMSENI CAMPHOR [KAPOOR , KAPUR , KAPURAM ,BRASS, PACHA ] ISO BORNEOL FLAKES . Camphor Tablet , pure camphor Tablets , Camphor slab , camphor cone [pure organic ]and offering vide variety of camphor products . Over the period of time the company has come up with various well renowned Registered Brand Name of “ LEO “ “ OJASVI “ , and “ LABHJYOTI “.

Product Basket included a wide range and various shapes[Round ,Squre ] of PURE camphor Tables [round ,Square ] Camphor Slab , Camphor [Kapoor cone ] Cones and ISO borneol flakes [ BHIMSENI KAPOOR] in POUCHES AND PLASTIC CONTAINER [BOTTLE / JAR ] IN Various packing size , Styles and shapes under the Registered Brand Name of “ LEO “ “ OJASVI “ , and “ LABHJYOTI “. Our products are high in demand due to their premium quality and affordable prices fantastic finishing at the reasonable cost . we ensure to timely deliver these products to our clients , , through this we have attained a vast client base in the market.


Since the incorporation of our corporation, we have constructed an advanced infrastructural ability, equipped with all modern equipment and handled accurately by a trained team of experts. The unit is well outfitted with hi-tech production machines and necessary amenities that assist us to manufacture the products in bulk quantities. Our team members are dynamic experts who work in the consistent way to achieve the common target.The plant has a hygiene and clean environment taking into consideration the divinity associated with the product’s usage.


Camphor is quite a household name and has been in use for several centuries. Its distinct and lingering aroma is known to soothe frayed nerves. You will be surprised to know that camphor was being used for its medicinal properties since as early as 600 A.D.

Camphor was used in Persia to control plague.

Camphor has been used to alleviate many skin conditions like skin irritation and itching.

In many Indian homes, camphor is very much a part of the daily prayer time where lighting a wee bit of camphor and inhaling its lingering aroma marks the culmination of a prayer session and generates positive energy in your home environment.

Modern uses include camphor as a moth repellent.

The strong scent of camphor is believed to be toxic to insects and is thus sometimes used as a repellent.

It can also kill lice and prevent them from turning into an infestation.

Due to its pleasant smell, camphor tablets are used when storing clothing and other articles susceptible to damage from mold or moth larvae.

“Helps to fight with swine flu virus. (Not scientifically proven).


Used to relieve pain and reduce itching.

Used as a moth and insect repellent.

Used to stimulate the circulatory system and relieve arthritis pain.

Used to treat fungal infections and minor burns.

Used in many skin and hair care products.

Used to reduce the effects of epilepsy and anxiety.


Used to treat fungal infections and minor burns. a